This page is a place for ASK personnel to submit event info for use on the website, social media, press releases, articles, etc.  It also includes a press release template, and some guidelines on how to create your own media for use in promoting ASK events.

A few overall guidelines:

1. Press Releases.

When creating a press release, use text only.  Do not embed images in the release*, and don’t use blocks of colored text or fancy fonts.  Press releases are meant to be straightforward textual documents that the press and others can use to copy and paste content into their own documents.  Embedded images and colored blocks of text complicate that effort.  If you want to create a release for an ASK event, you can use this handy template:

*If you’re sending out your own release, you CAN accompany the document with 1 or 2 images – but as separate attachments, NOT in the document itself.

2. Social Media Graphics

In order to work on both Instagram and Facebook, social media graphics must be square, with minimum dimensions of 1400 x 1400 pixels. They do NOT need the ASK logo, phone number, address or website, as they’ll be posted on ASK’s social media, where that info is already available. Title, date and time are cool, but avoid using multiple paragraphs of text – think of it as a piece of art, NOT a document.  (Roughly 60% of our audience will be looking on a phone, where tiny text doesn’t work well.)

Social media graphics can be accompanied by a sentence or two, to add detail – so don’t sweat getting all the info in there… think more about catching someone’s eye than giving them all the info. Here’s a great example:

If you need or want assistance with making a social media graphic, just get the committee your event info, and we’ll take it from there.

3. Print Items (posters, postcards, flyers, etc.)

Before creating any print items for ASK events, please reach out to the communications committee and/or the treasurer to discuss.  Print items are costly and time-consuming, and are not always necessary.

4. Event Submission form

You can use this handy form to send your event info to the communications committee.  Please include as much information as possible!

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PLEASE NOTE: In the below box, please include any information not asked for on this form. 
Examples:  Sliding scale ticket prices/descriptions, Multiple day event dates and times, etc.

Please include bios & links if available
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Event End Date and Time
Enter closing date and time if it's a multi-day event.
Enter ticket price (if any)
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