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Krista is a watercolor artist from the Hudson Valley. She has studied with a number of inspiring teachers including her current teachers, Betsy Jacaruso and Keith Gunderson. She is a member of the Cross River Fine Art Guild in Rhinebeck, NY and the Arts Society of Kingston (ASK).

Krista is drawn to the natural world and her art reflects this. Her passions include hiking, kayaking, birding and horses. She has also travelled extensively. All of these themes are incorporated in her artwork. Prints available for purchase at ASK starting at $30.

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Born in Tokyo, raised in Kyoto, Japan, Naoko Oshima graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. Moved to New York City to study at the Art Students League where she intensively practiced figure drawing and oil painting for 18 years. Currently, she resides and works in the Kingston area with watercolor as the main medium.

Her academic training at the Art Students League served well to develop her own artistic expression with various subject matters: cats, animals, nature scenes, abstract.

“Painting forces me to explore and develop my innermost being, the core of my true nature. It helps me realize the world inward is completely free and not limited by time and space. This is where endless possibilities exist. Painting is the most challenging endeavor for me but I am compelled to express in my work what I experience internally. I am naturally drawn to watercolor for this reason. It’s transient and out of control so I need to work with it as if I’m running alongside it. The route it takes is always not the one I know and expect but that’s the most exciting part for me.”

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My current paintings are called “Woodland Spirits”. They reflect my interest in the woods and upstate New York in general. U have tried to look at nature in the way of the original inhabitants (the Eastern Woodland Indians) looked at this special place; to try to absorb what I see and feel without letting preconceptions of what I should paint get in the way.

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“In art I fight for unconscious creation, labor destroys paintings” – Emil Nolde

“Why talk when you can paint?” – Milton Avery

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In order of importance to an artists are the five elements of a painting, They are composition, color, drawing, technique and subject matter. I strive to employ all these elements to present this scene.

Bearing these elements in mind, it is “subject matter” that is the viewers’ focus. My selection of this scene is to draw to the viewers’ attention the amazing sequence of nature’s cycle and human involvement (the bridge to cross it, the dam to harness the power).

The scene is today’s measurement in time.

In order of importance to human involvement are: breathable air, drinkable water, edible food. Let us strive to be part of the future solution and not part of the continuing destruction? No matter how small, we must all do our part to make a positive impact.

My homage to David Attenborough.