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The Kingston Annual 2020 is a new exhibition and arts competition hosted by Kingston Midtown Arts District (MAD) and Arts Society of Kingston (ASK).

This month we will be taking an in depth look at the works of the Kingston 2020 exhibition prize winners – Pamela Blum, Betty Greenwald, and Frank Theodore – along with that of guest artist Judy Pfaff. Curation and text by Julie Hedrick.



Pamela Blum’s sculptures of organically shaped polished colored and marked wax are astonishingly original and exquisite. The two small iconic works shown are part of a larger family of works. They are hypnotic and appear deeply personal but I sense that for Blum they source a much larger universal conversation. These creatures and doll- like sculptures Doll with Boots and Doll with One Torn Stocking read like sacred treasures and like all treasure we want to see and know more and more.

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Betty A. Greenwald’s paintings have a complex and delicate visual language of their own. I have admired Greenwald’s photography for over two decades and am thrilled to discover her work as a painter. These paintings Reaching and Can We are fresh and inspired and relate to Hilma af Klint’s paintings. Like Klint’s theosophic and astrological references I sense that Greenwald’s early years studying the mystic philosopher Gürdjieff are reflected in these wonderful paintings. Note: more works are available to view and purchase at our physical gallery in Kingston, NY.

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Frank Theodore’s images are powerful. His photographs capture an almost breathless stillness and beauty. The simple raw reach as expressed in the image The Beginning aptly captures it all in one simple gesture. There is an intensity and unbearable suffering as shown in the photograph And so I come to isolation yet somehow, like the master classical works of the crucifixion, here too in Theodore’s work there is a hint of hope and resurrection.

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