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It is with great delight and humbleness that I dedicate my first solo exhibition to the most extraordinary people I met under the most serendipitous circumstances.

My host parents Jo Shuman and Hon. Robert N. Vosper, who miraculously showed up precisely on day one of my landing in this country, and later decided it would be a good idea to let a stranger live in their home for a very long time. I am forevermore grateful to both for welcoming & guiding me as your kin through it all since that day with your unlimited energy, generosity and patience.

My spouse Neal Keogan & my mother-in-law Roberta Keogan – we went through a lot of unexpected & harsh experiences together. Nevertheless, we must keep our hopes up and move on with the intention to heal one step at a time. I am deeply thankful for all the valuable experiences we have had as a family.

My teachers Tricia Cline of WSA and Iain Machell of SUNY Ulster – Big THANKS to each of you for remaining inspiring mentors, granting your students freedom, space & resources to explore, helping whenever requested, and being superbly considerate of learning styles. The world needs more of your kind!

A handful of eclectic and close friends, who were/are present in various stages on my path – you know who you are – many thanks to you all, especially for encouraging me to socialize, surprising me with kindness at times when it matters the most, or gently nudging my being to realize her gifts. It seems to be working, please keep on at it.

My wildly brilliant siblings who continuously astonish me with their creative accomplishments & my biological parents for transplanting me to Earth – thanks a lot. Lastly, I must include my precious three cats who kept me sane last year, and taught me the cat wisdom of being yourself, pausing when it’s necessary, and enjoying life, particularly on sunny days, as a well adjusted house cat.

My heartfelt thanks goes To the Arts Society of Kingston for welcoming me as an emerging sculptor and hosting my first solo exhibition in this spacious gallery. Being inclusive of artists of all levels is a crucial undertaking in the community that allows us a chance to grow by being seen and heard. Greatly appreciated.

To Woodstock School of Art for the opportunity to sculpt in a studio environment. Thanks to the scholarships & exchange programs as well as supportive staff & instructors, I was able
to practice sculpting once a week and create most of the artwork in this exhibition from live observation of a model.

To the staff & faculty of SUNY Ulster for all the rides, friendships & delicious gatherings we enjoyed together. So grateful. Good news: I drive!

Lastly, I would like to Thank You for taking the time to be part of this experience today. I hope it’s magical ✨

With much gratitude and appreciation,
Gülnar Babayeva

Connect with the artist on instagram @caspianmuse or at

This exhibition is available for viewing at our galleries at 97 Broadway in Kingston, NY from June 5-27 2021. Our galleries are open Tuesday-Sunday 1-6pm. To purchase work from this exhibition, scroll down or contact us at 


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