ASK has made their galleries accessible to the public online, 24/7!

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Our Community Exhibition for the months of May and June is a continuation of the popular ‘Make. Leave. Take.’ presented by Celebrate845.

“Is making art all about the end product? We don’t think so, but totally acknowledge that the world we live in wants us to. Join us in challenging that mindset by being a part of this practice in creative catharsis, impermanence, & abundance.”

🌟 MAKE time to make some art. At home if you wish, or at Arts Society of Kingston. Free supplies available or you can totally bring your own/some to donate. All ages welcome.
(If you BYO art: work must be able to hang on the wall & nothing larger than 16 x 20″ please.)

🌟 LEAVE a piece in the gallery. Hang it right on the wall. For real.

🌟 TAKE a piece home with you if you see one that resonates. We live in an abundantly creative community & can’t wait to watch the work come & go, into & out of the space & into your life.