ASK has made their galleries accessible to the public online, 24/7! This exhibit will also be displayed in our galleries at 97 Broadway in Kingston from March 5-27, 2021.

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In our Front Room Gallery, ASK has invited Celebrate845 for a 10-month residency. Celebrate845 is an arts organization whose mission is to organize, recognize, & celebrate(!) marginalized creatives ​via pop-up events ​throughout New York’s Hudson Valley. Now in its 5th year, the annual Celebration by Celebrate845 champions the visual and performing arts by marginalized artists in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Take a trip through previous in-person and digital Celebrations as well as years of Open Mics, Performances, Vendor Markets and more in this interactive timeline.

This show will introduce who we are, what we’ve done, where we’ve been, and who we’ve collaborated with. Learn about our past and be part of our present and future!

Este programa presentará quiénes somos, qué hemos hecho, dónde hemos estado y con quién hemos colaborado. ¡Conoce nuestro pasado y sé parte de nuestro presente y futuro!