Mat Maneri Quartet celebrates the release of ASH at ASK

Mat Maneri envisages his music as one of activity in stasis, or motion within stillness. His music continues from the lineage of master improvisers Paul Bley and Paul Motian (with whom Mr. Maneri has played in the past) with a sound that is distinctly his own and developed over decades of discovery and practice. Following his acclaimed 2019 ‘Dust’ album Sunnyside records announces Mat Maneri’s – ASH – the second installment from his trilogy for quartet. The new recording showcases his stirring playing in a program of open-ended compositions that showcase his unique marriage of jazz and microtonal music alongside an ensemble of modern master improvisers: drummer Randy Peterson, pianist Lucian Ban, and bassist John Hébert. If a certain elusiveness permeated the first album, “Dust”, with ASH comes the permanence of memories burned into the mind, of songs triggered by scenes past from decades before, of what poet Denver Buston, who penned poems for each track on the album, calls “all that’s left is this what was once something before it was ash”

In the ASK Great Room
October 14th – 8pm
Members $18
Non-Members $20

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