Interim Board Member

Arts Society of Kingston (ASK) is seeking candidates for our Board of Directors. This is an volunteer, interim position lasting one year and is responsible for producing governing documents for ASK.

ASK’s Board of Directors provides strategic guidance and oversight to the organization. 


  • Attending 1-month 90-minute meeting
  • Oversight of Executive Director, including regular evaluations of work and compensation review
  • Oversight of the ASK budget, including approval of monthly Treasurer reports
  • Keeping current on offerings and programming at ASK
  • Acting as an ambassador for the organization in the community
  • Facilitating an ongoing dialogue with ASK stakeholders including ASK Members and the larger community in which ASK is located
  • Producing/amending governing documents such as
    • Bylaws
    • Mission Statement
    • Strategic Plan
    • Ethics Statement
    • Conflict Resolution Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Hiring Policy
    • Discrimination Policy

ASK is seeking individuals who are passionate about both the arts and radical liberation through the arts and also committed to restorative justice and reaching decisions by consensus. It is estimated that this work will take 5-10 hours per month and we ask for a commitment of at least 13 months.

Proposed Resolution for Interim Board

The current Board of Directors at ASK resolve to abide by the following amendments to their roles and responsibilities:

  1.     Their term shall be no longer than 13 months from the date of adoption of this resolution
  2.     By June 30, 2023 they shall deliver documents to the Membership of ASK for review, these shall include but are not limited to:
    1.     Bylaws
    2.     Mission Statement
    3.     Ethics Statement
    4.     Conflict Resolution Policy
    5.     Conflict of Interest Policy
    6.     Hiring Policy
    7.     Discrimination Policy
  3.     Prior to submitting the above documents, they shall hold no fewer than five discussions with groups of stakeholders. The timing and nature of these meetings will be designed with accessibility in mind and must include, but are not limited to:
    1.     ASK Members
    2.     Local community leaders
    3.     The broader local community (general population)