Use the form on this page to apply for ASK’s 2023 Spotlight Exhibition season. Each year ASK programs 8-10 solo or small group exhibitions in our Spotlight Gallery. Each exhibition lasts one month, from the 1st Saturday to the last Saturday of any given month. There is a $300 rental fee for the gallery and online exhibition and the application is open to ASK Members only. You can view our past exhibitions in our Online Gallery. If you have any questions, please contact us at or 845-338-0333.

Artist’s Responsibilities

a. Deliver and install your exhibition artwork on available dates assigned by ASK (typically the Thursday and Friday immediately prior to the opening of the exhibition from 1-6PM..
b. Remove works on date assigned by ASK. Please note artwork not picked up within 30 days of last announced pick up day will be considered abandoned and becomes the property of ASK.
c. Gallery space must be returned to the condition it was in prior to the exhibition and any alterations to the space must be cleared with ASK. ASK will patch any holes smaller than ¼” and paint the patched sections.
d. Artist guarantees they possess all necessary copyrights of the exhibited work.
e. Provide images of works in the exhibition as needed for publicity and promotional purposes. They may be emailed as hi-res Jpeg (minimum 300 dpi, 7 inches on the long side. to
f. Allow works to be photographed for publicity and promotional purposes.
g.  If desired, arrange for insurance of works of art at your expense.
h. Artworks must remain in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.
i. Artists must be ASK members in good standing at the time of the exhibition.
j.  Fee due upon signing of the contract: $300 for the Spotlight Gallery.
k.  ASK also requests accepted Artists to consider Gallery sitting on a Saturday once or twice during the month of the show.


ASK Responsibilities

a. Promote the exhibition through mailings, collateral materials, email, press releases, and social media.
b. Coordinate the sale of artworks. Please note ASK retains 40% administrative fee from the sale of each artwork sold during the duration of the exhibition, or as a result of exhibiting at ASK.
c. Take reasonable care to prevent damage or theft of artworks. Please note ASK does not insure artwork and is not responsible for damage.
d. Maintain regular opening hours and a clean accessible space for visitors.
e. Create and maintain online gallery of works selected by artist.


  • ASK reserves the right to exercise discretion in the display of artwork in its galleries. 
  • ASK urges all artworks be for sale. 
  • In the event of gallery closure due to COVID restrictions or other unforeseen events, the Artists will have the option of postponing their exhibition to a date to be determined in 2023 or opting for an “online only” exhibition. If the “online only” option is exercised, half of the $300 fee will be refunded.

All applications must be submitted by Saturday, October 1, 2022.

Fill out this form to apply