ASK's member's gallery, full of art viewers, with art hanging on the walls, with two couches and a coffee table

Statement of Purpose

The Membership Committee is appointed by the Board with a primary function of sustaining  & expanding ASK Membership. The Committee strives to better define & delineate Membership levels, such as yearly fees, benefits/perks related to those levels & payment process options. We strive towards diversity & try to develop mechanisms to allow for greater accessibility & comprehensive community-building opportunities in keeping with ASK’s mission, vision, & values.

Committee Composition and Meetings

Membership Committee shall meet monthly (presently via Zoom) with a Minimum of 4 ASK members & a Maximum of 10, including Chairperson & ASK Executive Director.

Participation and Attendance

All Committee members shall be willing to make a commitment of monthly attendance, be prepared to address the monthly agenda, actively participate, & be involved in the work & decisions required. If a member cannot attend a meeting, communication by email is recommended prior to that meeting as a courtesy. If a Committee member misses 3 consecutive meetings, they will be asked to consider resigning from the Committee.

Committee Responsibilities and Duties

Membership Committee members will be involved in carrying out its Purpose, defining Membership levels, finding benefits/perks that are valued by ASK Members, further develop processes that allow for greater accessibility for our creative community, continue to strive towards diversity, to reassess effectiveness of process accordingly, & make timely adjustments as needed.