ASK's member's gallery with art hanging on the walls, with two couches and a coffee table

Statement of Purpose

The Gallery Committee is a standing committee appointed by the BOD. The committee works in collaboration with the Executive Director to create and manage opportunities for ASK and community members to exhibit work and to promote the Art Society of Kingston’s mission, vision, and values.

Committee Composition and Meetings

The committee shall be comprised of no fewer than 5 members. At least one member will be a member of the BOD of ASK. A quorum will be a majority of the members. If the committee meets the minimum number of members (5), then a quorum would be 3. The committee shall meet no fewer than 8 times a year. Dates and times of the meetings to be agreed upon by committee members.

Leadership and Participation

The committee members shall agree upon a chair. Should the committee be without a chair, the members will determine a rotation for a meeting facilitator and a note taker. Ideally, the rotation would be established in advanced of 3 consecutive meetings. Members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings. If a member is unable to attend a meeting, the member should notify the committee members prior to the scheduled meeting.

Committee Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Identify community and ASK members needs as they relate to exhibiting in the 3 gallery spaces
  2. Determine a timeline for applications for exhibits
  3. Review applications and select artists for spotlight and pop up galleries
  4. Create themes for membership shows for a calendar year
  5. Assist the ED with recruiting and scheduling volunteers for drop of/pick up days, gallery sitting.
  6. Assist the ED with promotion of the galleries.
  7. Review application forms and website information relating to all 3 galleries spaces at least annually.