The front of the building for the Arts Society of Kingston, with its doors wide open to the public

Statement of Purpose

The Buildings and Grounds Committee (B&G) exists to attend to any matters related to our physical space. Located at 97 Broadway, ASK’s facilities include our 3 galleries, a classroom space, and a 99-seat theater. This committee may be involved in tending to or delegating tasks such as building upkeep, renovation, and accessibility.

Committee Composition and Meetings

The Committee will be comprised of no less than five (5) members. The Committee shall meet once a month. Each meeting shall be held on the 1st (decide on day) of each month, unless otherwise scheduled.

Participation and Attendance

All members are required to fully participate in the work of the Committee. Every member is expected to be willing to coordinate at least one event each year and participate in each yearly planning session. All members are required to attend each monthly scheduled meeting. In the event that a member cannot attend the meeting, the member is to email committee members prior to the meeting.