Our 2022 Calendar Exhibition featured the art of our 2022 Calendar artists in our Spotlight Gallery. Now in its fourteenth year, the annual ASK community calendar is a completely free celebration of local artists and their artwork. Our thirteen calendar artists displayed their original seasonal calendar piece, as well as additional, complementary works.⁠

Naoko Oshima | December 2021
‘Glass Trees’

Naoko Oshima (she/her) studied fine art painting at the Art Students League in New York City for many years and is a watercolor artist whose inspiration comes from her own inner world of endless possibilites. Her subjects include animals, nature scenes, and pure abstract.

Dominick Hiddo | January 2022
‘The Place of Snow’

Dominick Hiddo (he/him) is a self-taught visual artist born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. In 2017, his work caught the attention of the Chicago Repertory Ballet, who then invited him to exhibit his work. Following that show, Hiddo has participated in group exhibitions in Woodstock, Kingston, and in Brooklyn, at the Lorimoto Art Gallery. He lives and works out of his studio in Kingston, NY.

Jose Acosta | February 2022
‘Love’ & ‘Mi Amor’

Jose Acosta (he/him) was born in San Jose Cuba in 1966. He currently lives in Poughkeepsie with his family. Jose has made great strides in America. His works are in over 500 Private and Public Collections. Bright colors, swirling figures, and vibrant energy characterize my paintings. ”I paint from my heart, expressing a little hope and happiness in all my creations.”

David Holt | March 2022
‘View Of Mohonk’, ‘Million Dollar View’, & ‘Pine Trees And Field’

David Holt (he/him) is a painter, printmaker, and author living in New Paltz, New York. Although he works in many styles and mediums, his work is about creating a visual image of the physical world that is personal and meaningful to him. He often paints with a palette knife because of its expressive possibilities.

Carol Pepper-Cooper | April 2022
‘Spring Song,’ ‘Autumn On My Mind,‘ &  ‘Cold River’

Carol Pepper-Cooper (she/her) moved to the Hudson Valley in 1974 after receiving a BA from Radcliffe College and an MFA from Pratt Institute. Here she creates mostly abstract works springing from her imagination as inspired by visible forms and invisible dreams.

Maxine Kamin | May 2022
‘Horizontals,’ ‘Glacier Patterns,’ & ‘The Road Ahead’

After retiring from a gratifying thirty-year career in the library field, Maxine Kamin (she/her) eagerly pursued her passion for photography. Her love of travel and enjoyment of nature and the outdoors are often visible in her work. She currently lives in Port Ewen, NY on the scenic west bank of the Hudson River. Photographic opportunities are self-evident!

Barbara Esmark | June 2022
‘Summer Barns,’Claudia’s Barn,’ & ‘Lost City Winter Sun’

Barbara Esmark (she/her) is a painter, printmaker and poet. She has a BFA in painting from the State University of New York, New Paltz, and had her fundamental training in drawing, painting and anatomy at the Art Students League of New York. She has her studio and lives in High Falls, NY.

Patricia Kelly | July 2022
‘Farmers Market,’ ‘Ice Fishermen 1,’ &‘Rondout Jam’

Patricia Kelly (she/her) has always loved gesture drawing & has used it to animate her figures and to bring a scene to life. By telling a story the viewer is drawn in. She found that by using the gestures she could energize the figures and with the help of juxtaposition of figures and the aid of composition and light. She could dramatize a scene. The gestures not only enhance rhythm and grace in a figure but give them life.

Roni Wilder-Guidi | August 2022
‘Field Of Gold,’ ‘Down By The River,’ & ‘Somewhere In Time’

Roni Wilder-Guidi (she/her) has lived in the Hudson Valley for over 20 yrs. She enjoys exploring the natural world through water, pigment and paper. “Field of Gold” utilizes the wet-on-wet technique of watercolor painting. The addition of salt in the foreground creates texture as well as a little “wild” in the grasses. And naturally, includes the beautiful warm colors of summer.

Diane Christi | September 2022
Vibrant Fall

Last year, Diane Christi found more beauty in nature than she ever appreciated before. With months of introspection and isolation, she created “Vibrant Fall’” as an expression of hope for mankind to live in a better world.

Jacqueline Oster | October 2022
‘Bite,’ ‘Cardinal Direction,’ &‘Sophia’

Jacqueline Oster (she/her) has worked from her home-based studio as a freelance Graphic Designer for 30+ years. During COVID she revisited her love of watercolor illustration. Her interest lies in painting objects. She believes every object can be transformed into a graphic image showing movement, flow, and function. She tries to look beyond the object’s boundaries to “see” its essence and then transfer that energy into the work.

Denise Giardullo | November 2022
‘Ashokan Reservoir Afternoon,’ ‘County Fair,’ & ‘Van Gogh’s Irises’

A graduate of SUNY New Paltz, Denise Giardullo (she/her) has exhibited widely since 1981. Primarily a fabric artist, she also works in collage and assemblage, and dollmaking. Ashokan Reservoir Afternoon is inspired by my many walks around the reservoir. Improvisational design, machine quilted, phototransfer, and hand-painted appliques.

Tor Gudmundsen | December 2022
Winter’s End

Tor Gudmundsen (he/him) paints in acrylics and teaches drawing and painting at the Woodstock School of Art. Winter’s End was inspired by a small stream in Chichester Park outside of Phoenicia. The exposed rocks and flowing water are indications that winter is giving way to Spring. The rocks are warming in the sun making the snow reveal the bones of the landscape hidden all winter.