ASK is pleased to welcome Renee Zhang: Animals + Plants + Fungi to our online and in-person galleries!

Renee Zhang is an illustrative artist specializing in ink, watercolor, colored pencil, and printmaking media. She focuses on subjects from nature and the natural world, deciding in each instance the degree of accuracy and/or interpretation she wishes to convey. Within this framework, her art encompasses a flexible and experimental range of styles, from clear and simple line drawings to colorful, rich, detailed paintings. 

Born in China, Ms. Zhang moved to Woodstock, New York, as a child and was introduced to the art world through her artistic family. While her love for art continued, her formal education at Brown University and Thunderbird School of Global Management focused on economics and marketing. After spending almost a decade working in the business world in Asia, she returned to the Hudson Valley area and to the world of art. 

Animals + Plants + Fungi as a show highlights subjects that are usually supporting “actors” in art. Ms. Zhang’s portraits of these often-forgotten elements of nature are represented in various mediums, and range from realistic to stylized. 2020 is an unusual time in our lives for many reasons. More so than ever we need to recognize the importance of our interconnectedness. Animals, plants and fungi deserve to be preserved, seen, and immortalized through art. Through this show, Ms. Zhang hopes to convey to the public the soul and beauty of her unusual subject matter.

This exhibition is available for viewing at our galleries at 97 Broadway in Kingston, NY from January 2-30 2021. Our galleries are open Tuesday-Saturday 1-6pm. To purchase work from this exhibition, scroll down or contact us at 


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