A Community Fridge is a type of mutual aid project that enables food to be shared within a community. Food is available for free and community members can drop off and pick up food as needed. ⁠

The Community Fridge at ASK is open 24/7 🌟⁠ stop by the Arts Society of Kingston (97 Broadway, Kingston, NY) any time to donate, or take any food you need! ⁠⁠

Interested in helping out? Read on about the roles we’ll need filled:⁠

🌟 Donate Food⁠

After the fridge is in place, it needs to be stocked. We are reaching out to local markets and restaurants, but if you have the means to pick up a little extra on your trips to the store and drop it off, every bit helps.⁠

🌟 Volunteer to Check On It⁠

We want to make sure the fridge is operational, stocked, and the area around it is clean. There will be opportunities to sign up for check-in slots. ⁠

We look forward to working with the Rondout community in this way and encourage you to get involved in a way that works for you! Questions? Interested in helping out? Email ask@askforarts.org⁠

✅ Acceptable Donations: ⁠

• Fruits & vegetables (Fresh & Frozen)⁠
• Milk⁠
• Cheese & Butter⁠
• Yogurt⁠
• Homemade foods (labeled with ingredients & date made)⁠
• Pantry foods⁠⁠

🚫 Unacceptable Donations: ⁠

• Food that’s expired/spoiled⁠
• Food that has been opened or partially used⁠
• Anything you wouldn’t eat yourself⁠
• Alcohol⁠

Donate directly to the Community Fridge

If you’d prefer to make a monetary donation instead of food, please either click the Paypal donate button below, email ask@askforarts.org or Venmo @askforarts – All donated money will be used to buy food and other goods for the fridge.

Click the Donate Button to Contribute to the Community Fridge